The needs of the planet require the recovery of obsolete materials, any longer used.
From our pledge stems a new line of eco-friendly veneers, made from recycled raw materials:

All the products of this category are fragile, with obvious imperfections such as holes and cracks, formed by beams/poles whose age is hard to define as doubtful.

Product veneer of natural oak, ECO-FRIENDLY resulting from dismantled roof beams from hold farmhouses or homes. The result is a RUSTIC effect characterized by open knots and deep cracks.
It is an exclusive wood veneer, because each piece is unique and unrepeatable.
Password: RECYCLE and REGENERATE! No need to cut trees but we use recycled materials (beams) converted into veneer.

the Venetian lagoon’s poles

Product sliced from the famous lagoon’s natural oak poles, the BRICCOLAS.
A VENETIAN HISTORY: from the water they signal the low tide and guide the boats in the lagoon.  After some year, the mollusk water attacks the pole by creating PERFECT ROUND HOLES: the veneer that results is a masterpiece of GEOMETRY and precision.
An exclusive and unique veneer, with a strong stretch rustic, full of character and Venetian style.