As a company, Corbetta F.lli Srl has been developing the veneers production and trade for more than 50 years; a third generation family guarantees the exclusivity, precision and differentiation of all the manufactured veneers.

The factors that have been supporting the company philosophy are based on the highly standardized quality of the finished products and the capability to fulfill all the customer’s requirements for all their most specific needs. The wide range of products in stock and the strict classification according to their value, peculiarities, colours and lengths can help fulfilling the requests of many different customers’ targets both for the craftmen and the furniture industry.

At Corbetta’s the Customer feels at home: the variety of veneers and the personalized customer care service that welcomes him are a strength and a certainty.
Corbetta company simply declares and celebrates with the range of veneers the unique beauty,  customers’ satisfaction,  reliability and innovation, in one word: WOOD PASSION!!